Understand your visitors
the easy way

Lightweight tracking, session recordings, heatmaps, user journey & more


Can be used flawlessly in any recent web browser and any website

Extremely Flexible

User-friendly interface with absolutely no learning curve

Easy to Embed

Your own tracking pixel can be installed in less than 30 seconds


Pretty simple, good looking & user-friendly

Most web analytics solutions, including Google Analytics, do way too much when, in most cases, what you need is to glance over them and easily understand what is going on.

Easy to understand & use
Modern & good looking
Simple 1-min installation process
Ergonomic dashboard

Everything at
just a glance

The dashboard contains all the details you will need to know how you traffic is looking and evolving.

Track how your key metrics are performing over time by comparing pageviews, sessions, visitors, new visitors and much (much) more.

Evolution on the past 365 days
Top pages, countries, referrers
Simple & custom goals tracking
Realtime online visitors, pageviews and sessions
Other visitor's details (devices, OS etc.)
All about UTM's

Understand your visitors

Curious to see realtime data? Evaluating your visitors behaviour and repeated actions is the best way to know what is working and what is not going so well.

Monitor your visitor's returning visits, visit lengths and check the visit's replays videos to see how engaged they are with your website.

View and get details of all the returning and new visitors
Identify your visitors by any identifier
See the flow of the visited pages and visitor's actions
Analyze all the visitor's past sessions

More than 2 000 users around the world are already using datapills actively


Active users
of datapills tool


976 Rating



Get to understand where your users are clicking and where the cold zones of your website pages are..

Get instant feedback on where goes the attention of your users, so you can take action immediately and improve your retention.

Multiple heatmaps per website
Desktop, tablet & mobile heatmaps
Clicks tracking heatmaps
Collecting total number of clicks
AWS's EU datacenters

datapills only rely on Amazon's EU datacenters to store your data

GDPR compliant

Data are stored inside UE and supports "opt-out" for your visitors

DNT compliant

datapills fully supports and respects DNT (Do Not Track) on all major browsers

Anonymous tracking

No IP are being collected if you choose to use the lightweight mode


Your data, secured in AWS's EU servers

One of the main reasons to why should you choose datapills over anything else on the web.

All the tracked data will be fully stored in AWS's european datacenters (EU-West-3 Paris).

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Session recordings

The most convenient way to easily check what a visitor did and his journey throughout the site

Stories From Our Customers

The most recent feedback we received in our mailbox! Thank you so much for your trust in datapills!

Setup is easy, you just add a small snippet of code to the backend and you are ready to go. Customer support has always been very helpful we had questions or needed special assistance.

Scott B.

SEO expert

The heatmaps and recording are very critical to create a UX centered product in all the organization. datapills helped me to eliminate some issues on mobiles. Very great experience and product.

Joel P.


A clean look and a professional UX makes it my favourite tool. Sessions replays offers a whole new dimension of user behavior analysis. Clearly the best tool for watching your user's journey.

Marisol D.


Over 2000+ companies are already using datapills every day. Why not yours?

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Free Plan
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Forever Free

  • 1 Website

  • 3k Pageviews

  • 20k Events Tracking

  • 30 Days Data Retention

  • 5 Sessions Replays

  • 4 Website Heatmaps

  • 1 Tracked Goals

  • Affiliate Access

  • Weekly Email Reports

  • Teams Addon

  • No Ads

Select Plan
Startup Plan
Save 20%
24 / month

Billed as 229€ per year

  • 3 Websites

  • 70k Pageviews

  • 100k Events Tracking

  • 60 Days Data Retention

  • 50 Sessions Replays

  • 15 Websites Heatmaps

  • 10 Tracked Goals

  • Affiliate Access

  • Weekly Email Reports

  • Teams Addon

  • No Ads

Select Plan
Growth Plan
Save 20% | Popular
49 / month

Billed as 469€ per year

  • 5 Websites

  • 210k Pageviews

  • 200k Events Tracking

  • 90 Days Data Retention

  • 200 Sessions Replays

  • 30 Websites Heatmaps

  • 20 Tracked Goals

  • Affiliate Access

  • Weekly Email Reports

  • Teams Addon

  • No Ads

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Got questions? Look here

What we recommend for getting started and making the most out of datapills

Can I see datapills in action before purchasing?

Yes! Sure! You can either try our paid plans for free during 14 days (no credit card required) or you can use our free plan. We want our customers to be sure to see the datapills' tremendous potential.

What are the requirements for using datapills?

Just copy&past your own tracking pixel in your website's <header>. Voilà! Easy, right? Yes, our product is that easy to use but click here if you need help, our Customers Angels will be happy to help you. ^-^

Can I use datapills on multiple websites?

Yes, of course! You can use datapills on:

  • 3 websites with the startup plan

  • 5 websites with the growth plan

How does datapills handle clients' data?

datapills is using a VPS server from Amazon Web Services, based in Europe (Paris). That way, your data are stored inside a GDPR compliant country. Plus, all the data are saved every day.

Will datapills work on my site?

Yes, datapills is designed to work with all websites. It doesn't matter if you work on Wordpress, Shopify, or a custom-made site. If your site doesn't work with datapills, we are happy to figure out why.

What happens when my trial plan ends?

    When your trial ends, you account will fall back to our free plan which comes with 3,000 free pageviews, 4 websites heatmaps and 5 sessions records every month.

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